Your Instruction Booklet includes a basic troubleshooting guide.

For More Advanced Support, please email us with your 1) name, 2) serial# or order number and 3) a brief description of any issue you may be having for assistance to: Thank you

Please Note ALL Pre-2006 Models Are No Longer Serviceable BUT We Do Offer Updated Replacement Components/Repairs for some 1990-2005 Systems.

2006-2013 Models2014-2022 Models2023+ Models
2006- 2013 Melting Tank Troubleshooting Guide2014-2022 Melting Tank Troubleshooting Guide
2006- 2013 Filling System Troubleshooting Guide2014-2022 Filling System Troubleshooting Guide

2006- 2013 Pot Tipper Troubleshooting Guide2014- 2022 Pot Tipper Troubleshooting Guide
2006- 2013 EZ-Mix Troubleshooting Guide2014-2022 EZ-Mix Troubleshooting Guide