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SoapMelters Is The Revolutionary, Innovative Technology Leader and Trusted Global Supplier For Industrial Soap Equipment

For over 25 years, SoapMelters has been the trusted global supplier for industrial soap making equipment. Our team of business professionals and experienced technicians can overcome many global obstacles to provide industrial, reliable products with safe, cost effective worldwide shipping.

At SoapMelters, we are a team of business professionals with MBAs and licensed attorneys in addition to our team of experienced electrical technicians so we are able to overcome many global obstacles that other businesses in our industry cannot. Therefore, it is apparent how SoapMelters is the Trusted Global Industry Leader for all soap making equipment providing safe, cost effective Worldwide Shipping to all.

SoapMelters is proud to be the ONLY Equipment Manufacturer to have customers using our equipment in ALL of the countries, sovereign city-states, and territories in ORANGE below including many Pacific and Atlantic Islands such as Bermuda, Fiji and Guam (not shown on map).

SoapMelters - Trusted and Reliable

People worldwide have chosen to purchase their soap making equipment, melting tanks, soap filling systems and body care product making machines from SoapMelters even with the possibility of high shipping costs, tariffs, taxes as well as the time and extra work involved with shipping equipment overseas. Think of the trust involved. Think about reliability and problem free equipment. People around the world trust SoapMelters for all their soap making equipment needs- you should too!

Why Businesses From Around The World Buy From SoapMelters

Value: Our innovative supply chain systems provide our customers with the most proficient, reliable and maintenance free systems at the best price. Guaranteed.
Reliable, Durable & Maintenance Free: Each system is of superior quality, designed to provide years of reliability with increased production. We use only the highest grade stainless steel in our soap making tanks, melting tanks and finest grade parts and materials, combined with the highest quality workmanship in designing all our products.
Easy to Use: Our melting tanks and filling equipment are designed for easy and immediate use to enhance your production from the start.
Flexibility: Our filling systems are compatible with most existing melters and all our melting and dispensing equipment easily replaceable components to minimize downtime and/or readily reconfigure your system to meet future needs.
Industries: Soapmelters has been the innovator in wax melting, melting tanks and filling systems in many industries including candle manufacturing, infused topicals/edibles/tinctures, lotions, cosmetics, deodorants, soaps, lip balms, personal care products, industrial and automotive industry, general industrial and food processing.

International Electrical Requirements

All SoapMelters equipment (melters, melting tanks, soap making machines, Pot Tippers, PX Systems, EZ Filling Systems, Autoshot Systems, EZ Transfer Systems and EZ-Mix agitators) are or can be configured for 220V on the options section when ordering. In regard to hz, our equipment is 60hz, but when moving to 50hz it has no effect on our melting or filling systems. We have sold units to many countries and all parts of the world with excellent results.