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SNAP Melting Tank Filters Filter Your Melting Tank Fast & Easy

Stainless Steel Melting Tank Filter Easily SNAPS Inside Melting Tank Valve To Filter Your Material From Many Impurities, Debris and Particles.

  • Easily fits into the 1" opening of your melting tank.
  • 100% High-Grade Stainless Steel Filter Automatically Heats Up Inside Melting Tank Valve.
  • 3/8" filtering screen permits wax through and filters common debris.
  • Conveniently Designed With An 11" Elongated Handle For Easy Removal and Use.
  • Smart Stainless Steel Construction Makes It Easy To Clean When Warm Or With Simple Heating.

Need Extra Filtering?

  • Enhanced Filtration 3
  • Levels of Filtering
  • Increases Filtration to 1mm x 1 mm
Save Time & Improve Your Production Today! Filter Your Melting Tank Fast & Easy With SNAP Filter