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Melting Tank Stainless Steel Welded Support Framed Legs & Wheels

Specific 1" to 3" Stainless Steel Tubing Varies Depending on Melter Size & Height Requirements

Save Time & Improve Your Production Today: Just Add Framed Legs, Wheels or Stand With Wheels To Your Order As an Option & It Will Be Made For The Melting Tank You Order!

Melting Tank Welded Support Frame With Wheels Wax Melter Welded Support Framed Legs Wax Melter Welded Support Frame With Legs & Wheels

Wax Melting Tank Industrial Strength Welded Wheels

Stainless Steel Welded, Framed Wheels Are Welded With Additional Supports Along Bottom Of Melter

Melting Tank Welded Steel Framed Wheels