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Mixers, Blenders & Agitators

Agitators, Mixers and Blenders Are The Easiest Way To Uniformly Mix & Blend Your Soaps While Maintaining Uniform Heat Without Splattering, Heat Loss or Air Bubbles. For Soap Makers, EZ-MIX is the best way to uniformly blend and mix your soap mixtures in ANY tank or melting tank, even your own existing melting tank.

  • Hinged Lid: Stainless Steel Hinged Lid easily opens to add ingredients and closes securely to keep heat inside your melter.
  • Portable: Handles on Lid make this unit highly portable
  • Stainless steel lid securely mounts to ALL melters for uniform heat transfer with minimum heat loss and to prevent fragrance and scents from evaporating out of your mixture.
  • Variable speed control dial prevents splashing at start up.
  • Heavy duty, powerful, high-torque mixer with double reduction gears is perfect for uniform mixing and blending from 0-800 RPMS.
Save Time & Improve Your Production Today! Quickly & Uniformly Mix & Blend Your Soap Mixtures Today!