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Along with supplying soap melting tanks and soap making equipment to some of the largest soap making companies in the world, SoapMelters supplies melting tanks and wax pouring equipment to Federal and State government agencies, public and private universities, hospitals, and non-for-profits, as well as to some of the world's largest companies such as:

Lockheed Martin


US Navel Academy

US Air Force

Proctor & Gamble



SC Johnson

Egyptian Magic





Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

Dept. of National Defence, Canada

Government of Israel

Chesapeake Bay Candles


SoapMelters melting tanks and filling equipment are used by customers around the world, including customers in the following countries:

United Kingdom
New Zealand
Russian Federation
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
Hong Kong
El Salvador
Republic of Ireland
Republic of South Africa
Republic of Tanzania
Republic of Ghana
Republic of Georgia
Republic of Belarus
Republic of Serbia
Dominican Republic
Antigua & Barbuda
Republic of Botswana
Republic of Namibia
Republic of Suriname
Republic of Cyprus
Republic of Haiti
United Arab Emirates

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SoapMelters.com Customer Reviews

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SoapMelters.com Reviews & SoapMelters Reviews

It's Really Spectacular...This Is A Great, Superbly Made Piece Of Professional Equipment.
I had seen and used homemade soap/wax melters before, made of "presto pots" and some fittings from Home Depot, but had never used one of these professional pieces of equipment. It's really spectacular.... I made three batches... each with different colors and scents, in about 25 minutes. I could have easily done double that amount with just a little bit more time... I wiped the melt pot out with a paper towel, and was able to immediately refill it with more melted soap base. I'm not exaggerating when I say "immediately…" The time is not in the coloring and pouring; it only takes a few minutes to pour a dozen soaps. Where the time is spent is in waiting for the soap base to melt - putting it in the microwave, stirring it, heating it, stirring it, heating it. Etc. Having a pot of completely melted soap base that you can just pour into your melt pot cuts an amazing amount of time out of the soap making process. Additionally, the soap was always at exactly the right temperature. I never had to wait for it to melt some more, worry if it was too hot, or put it back into the microwave to re-melt it. It was always "just right…" This is a great, superbly made piece of professional equipment.
- David Fisher, About.com Guide to Candle & Soap

As Good As It Gets!
As an operations officer with a candle company I have the challenge of managing growth. We were very desperate for a tool that would provide flexibility during slow times and performance during our peek demand. We could not be happier with our partnership with Waxmelters and the great performance offered by the autoshot system. Without the autoshot system in our facility we would have had extreme backorders and labor costs that would have been very detrimental to our success. Thanks again for the great product and support!
- Kevin Preece, COO, Scentsy, Meridian, ID

Lye Tank- Love It!
I ordered a lye tank from you last summer and what an absolute time saver it is- love it!
- All the best, Ardis Thompson, Owner/Soapmaker, High Street Soaps, NY

The Best
We were so pleased with our melting tank from Melting & Filling Equipment, Inc., that we ordered another melter the same exact day! It worked that good. We have purchased many mleting tanks over the years and believe Melting & Filling Equipment, Inc.'s to be the best. Also, the customer service is the BEST I have ever worked with!
- Jim, J.C. Danczak, Inc., Westfield, MA

If We Need Another Wax Melter You Will Be The First We Call
You can be assured if we need another wax melter you will be the first we call. I have also referred a couple folks who might be in the market for one to your organization.
- Cordially, Sheri Kohn, Honey Glow Farm, Owen, WI

4 Years And Going Strong
I've had my unit for 4 years now and it's still going strong. I think it's time I bought another one, so I don't have to clear it out when I switch between candle wax, white or clear soap bases. I love that I can turn it on, set the temperature and get to work as soon as my bases are liquefied!
- Lisa Chouinard, Feto Soap Austin, TX

Great Reliable Products and Service
We purchase our water jacket melter and EZ system from Melting & Filling Equipment for our ointment and balm business. We are more than satisfied with the system and hope to purchase more this year! The whole system is easy to clean and handle. We had no trouble dealing with Customs and Excise and only paid a small import levy. We have been more than satisfied with the communication and friendly service that we received from the other side of the world- and would happily recommend Melting And Filling Equipment, Inc. to anyone seeking great reliable products and good service.
- Rowena, Herbs From Wales, United Kingdom

A Company That We Can Trust
I am so glad that we've finally found the melting system we'd been looking for, not only the product, but also as a company that we really can trust. Thank you for your kind help and we hope to keep in touch for years!
- Jun Yonezawa, President, Shizuku, Japan

I Love My Wax Melter
I love my wax melter and it has really been an asset to my business.
- Jamie Tatreau, Sweet Mana Natural Botanticals, Avon, CO

I Really Am Amazed How Well It Works...
To be quite honest I was a little skeptical about the quick heat up for the vat that you guys made for us. I really am amazed how well it works and I'm very pleased with the quality.
- Bill Nichols, Holland House Candles, Holland, MI

I Kissed My Melter
I kissed my melter.... Thank you!!!!! I sincerely do not know how I did without one! What took me a full day, now takes me under one hour, thank you for giving me and my family my weekends back!
- Sincerely with much respect, Jenny White, HB Wax Manufacturing Inc., Windsor, Ontario

Don't Take Chances With Your Candle Business!
I purchased a melter from a well known company which advertises everywhere, especially on the web and usually ranks on top the search engines. I thought I could save a few dollars, but guess what happened when my melter actually caught on fire? Yes, the melter control box caught fire! Not once but actually twice! Even after I sent it back for repair. My whole warehouse almost caught fire. Imagine if I didn't have a warehouse and was working from my home? I jeopardized my company and employees. I lost months of production and had nothing but aggrevations all because I bought an inferior product. They waited weeks to get back to me. Even after I had to pay for shipping to have the burned melter repaired, it caught fire again! I complained but no one cared enough to help me with my defective melter. I didn't get a refund. Nothing. This company still advertises these same melters which caught on fire! Did this well known company which advertises everywhere even have insurance for the damages? No! I lost so much money and time and was left with only a burned up melter. Think you found a better way? I won't take any more chances with my business. From now on, I only purchase superior melters from WaxMelters.
- David Vogel, President, KISS Candle Co., GA

I Have Already Recommended You To My Sister
To fellow candle makers, I recently purchased a wax melter from Wax Melters/Professional Candle Making Equipment and it has been a great experience! I found the item I wanted to purchase on-line and ordered! Their customer service was fabulous both before, during and after my purchase. Danette... helped me with my purchase step by step! When my wax melter came it was it perfect condition and we set it up with little fuss. The ultimate joy was when I went to pour candles and the wax was exactly the right temperature and I had 80 pounds of hot wax at my immediate disposal! It was a joy to not have to wait for my wax to heat and to have the convenience of being able to simple open the spout and pour was phenomenal. Dannette also helped me to find the resources I needed locally to purchase wax and other candle making supplies. That service went above and beyond her call of duty and she did so cheerfully and easily!... I highly recommend this company for their outstanding customer service.
- Very truly yours, Kim Sweet, Renton, WA

AutoShot3000- It is Functioning Fantastic!
The machine is functioning fantastic we are very happy to say, This is a beautiful machine & thanks for you & engineering team
- Shankar C.T, Projects Manager, Sutures India Pvt. Ltd., India

Earned A Lifetime Customer
I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you- you are truly a pleasure to do business with. You have just earned another lifetime customer. I look forward to working with you and your staff as my new company continues to grow. Thank you for your impeccable customer service!
- Shannon, Pure Light Candle Company, Richmond, VA

Great Products and Service
We purchased the PW150 several months ago. This is the best thing we could have done for our company. This melter has made our life so much better. Have it on a timer. We can come into the company in the morning, the wax is ready, and pour 25 to 30 cases in a couple hours, load it up and be ready for the next day. What a time saver. The people at Melting and Filling are the best. We will go here first when we are ready for another melter.
- Kent Janssen, Black Crow Candle Company, Canton, IL

With Pour X-Press, Now Our Production is At Least Doubled
I just wanted to let you know how much we love the Auto Shot package we ordered. It is definitely speeding up our wax melt production. We used to pour our wax melts by hand and couldn’t get more than 800 done in a day. Now our production is at least doubled. The machine is easy to set up and very easy to use. Our finished product is also cleaner because there is very little dripage from the gun. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that asked. We will definitely be ordering more!
- Tyson Kennington, Candle Warmers, Etc, Layton, UT