It's Really Spectacular... This Is A Great, Superbly Made Piece Of Professional Equipment.

I had seen and used homemade soap/soap melters before, made of "presto pots" and some fittings from Home Depot, but had never used one of these professional pieces of equipment. It's really spectacular... I made three batches... each with different colors and scents, in about 25 minutes. I could have easily done double that amount with just a little bit more time... I wiped the melt pot out with a paper towel, and was able to immediately refill it with more melted soap base. I'm not exaggerating when I say "immediately..." The time is not in the coloring and pouring; it only takes a few minutes to pour a dozen soaps. Where the time is spent is in waiting for the soap base to melt - putting it in the microwave, stirring it, heating it, stirring it, heating it. Etc. Having a pot of completely melted soap base that you can just pour into your melt pot cuts an amazing amount of time out of the soap making process. Additionally, the soap was always at exactly the right temperature. I never had to wait for it to melt some more, worry if it was too hot, or put it back into the microwave to re-melt it. It was always "just right..." This is a great, superbly made piece of professional equipment.

David Fisher, About.com Guide to Candle & Soap


NASA Approved!

NASA MSFC has the requirement for a Melter, Pump, and Transfer System with Custom upgrades and has accepted [SoapMelters] equipment based on on technical acceptability, schedule, and price.

Steven S. NASA – Marshall Space Flight Center


Our Production has TRIPLED while reducing costs!

I am currently using the Primo 50 wax melter which is a fantastic wax melter! There is no comparable melter, period. And now I started using the Autoshot dispensing system to fill my pomade containers directly from the melter. It is so much easier and faster! This melting and automatic pouring set-up is the heart of our production which has TRIPLED while reducing costs. Thank you.

Ivan T. Toar & Roby Heavy Duty Pomade - Indonesia

Primo150SM, EZFILL Soap Filling System


I have today received my equipment. I had an idea in mind what it would be like but I was very surprised when it arrived - the quality of the equipment and packaging was really first class I would just like to complement your team Scott, Anthony, Micah, and of course your engineers thank you once again.

Paul B. United Kingdom


Melting tank is fast and efficient and exactly as advertised!

This Primo300SM is even better than we hoped. Now I know our herbal business will grow! This tank melts fast and requires very little power and is exactly what your website and technicians told us. I could not believe it until I started using it. We are ordering another large tank very soon.
Thank You,

Tom B. Wholistic Botanicals

Primo75Sm & EZFILL Soap Filling System

Great Reliable Products and Service!

We purchase d our melter and EZ system from Melting & Filling Equipment for our ointment and balm business. We are more than satisfied with the system and hope to purchase more this year! The whole system is easy to clean and handle. We had no trouble dealing with Customs and Excise and only paid a small import levy. We have been more than satisfied with the communication and friendly service that we received from the other side of the world- and would happily recommend Melting And Filling Equipment, Inc. to anyone seeking great reliable products and good service.

Rowena Herbs From Wales – United Kingdom



We have grown a lot in the recent past and we are actually in need of some more equipment! We purchased a 25 gallon/150 lb wax melter and it's become a priceless piece in production and we need another one, maybe two.
Your tanks are amazing!
Thank You

Nichole L. Lockhart’s Authentic Grooming Co.


Our QUATTRO has excellent results for pouring Glycerin Soap!

Good day! In last November, we bought from you a Quattro machine, the results of the performance in my process are excellent, I am producing soap from glycerin. We want to purchase another [multi-valve] filling system.
Due to the necessity in my process, I ask you to produce a custom machine for us with 6 nozzles, and with nozzles that can be made adjustable, close or far from each other, and the hose to connect the pump with the filler about 2 meters apart. And at the end we want the vessel to keep the soap before the pump. We want it to produce about 100 liters of soap.
Thank you.
[SoapMelters built the fully automated custom filling system per their specs and improved upon their requests and Bradford Soap is very pleased with the equipment and their increased soap production]

Alberto R. Bradford Soap


7 Years And Going Strong!

I've had my unit for 7 years now and it's still going strong. I think it's time I bought another one, so I don't have to clear it out when I switch between candle wax, white or clear soap bases. I love that I can turn it on, set the temperature and get to work as soon as my bases are liquefied!

Lisa C. Feto Soap


WaxMelters stands behind their products!

I can’t say enough about how accommodating WaxMelters was. They stood behind their product. I ordered the PX 3000 but during shipping the machine was damaged, outside and internally. WaxMelters built me a new improved machine and Brian personally came and delivered it with his own truck. I can’t thank them enough.

Edye D. Edye’s Naturals



Thank you for your great customer service and fantastic equipment. There is NO comparison!

Keith B. Fox & Ivy


A Company That We Can Trust

I am so glad that we've finally found the melting system we'd been looking for, not only the product, but also as a company that we really can trust. Thank you for your kind help and we hope to keep in touch for years!

Jun Y. Shizuku - Japan


Primo Melter working like a charm!

The wax melter has been working like a charm! It has improved my efficiency, consistency, and safety while working in the studio. Thanks for the follow-up; I truly appreciate a business that is able to stay on top of customer service (particularly in regards to heavy equipment). I fully intend on coming back, once my business necessitates it. :)

Anh S. Aziz Light Apothecary



I love my Primo wax melter & it has really been an asset to my business.

Jamie T. Sweet Mana Natural Botanicals


AutoShot 3000 - It is Functioning Fantastic!

The machine it is functioning fantastic we are very happy to say, This is a beautiful machine & thanks for you & engineering team

Shankar C.T Sutures India Pvt. Ltd. - India

Primo 50


Used one machine this evening...LOVE IT! Will fire-up both tomorrow and make soap like crazy...Getting into the holiday spirit!

Cookie T. Bay Lavender Trading Co.

Why Choose SoapMelters?

To Maximize Your Soap Production, Productivity & Save TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY!

SoapMelters is the Industry Leader for Innovative, Industrial Soap Equipment. SoapMelters revolutionized the industry and the boundaries of soap making to create innovative industrial equipment that forever changed soap making (cold process, melt and pour, hot process, rebatch) to be Faster and Energy Efficient while Reducing Waste so you Save Time, Energy, and Money!

For over 25 years SoapMelters has been setting a higher standard for innovative, industrial soap equipment in all industries. SoapMelters exists on the forefront of innovation applying systems thinking approach to solving the world's problems. We all know that energy consumption is MORE expensive and availability is challenged globally so we sought out to invent a way to heat and melt materials FASTER 2-3X+ (save time - the most precious commodity) and do it as efficiently as possible drawing LESS THAN HALF of the power of the "conventional" (save energy and money - finite, scarce resources).

There are NO comparisons... just aspiring imitators as evidenced by our name SoapMelters, our logo, our product names, images, domain names, tag lines, etc. being so duplicated. There are NO competitors in performance and quality with SoapMelters Oil Heating & Melting Tanks, Pot Tippers (heated and non-heated), Lye (NaOh) Tanks, and Pouring & Filling Systems for all your soap making requirements. Our family of customers trusts and uses SoapMelters as they benefit from cutting-edge technology and reliable support for all their production needs. Why should your business settle for anything less?

Ultimately, SoapMelters’ innovative approach to thermal engineering has transformed industrial soap processes, making them faster, more efficient, and environmentally conscious. When you purchase a SoapMelters product you can be reassured that you have aligned your business with the world's finest, revolutionary, innovative energy efficient industrial equipment along with the most supportive customer service team to guide you as you grow your business and maximize your soap production.

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