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Super-Charge Your Soap Production With The Fastest Professional Hand Filling Systems

SoapMelters is the company professional soap makers trust for their soap equipment purchases.

Here is why soap makers buy our soap filling systems:

  • Make More Soap In Less Time: With Super Fast soap filling without air bubbles or drips- just a fast stream of soap.
  • Save Money: Fill Soap molds in less time with less employees and waste.
  • One Person Operation: Gives you control and our systems that are never late, never make mistakes and never call in sick.
  • More Soap With Less Employees: Since our soap filling equipment does the work of 2-3 people.
  • More Soap Without Adding Manufacturing Space: With our efficient, space saving soap making equipment.
  • Soaps are "Handcrafted": Per the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild, "a soap is deemed to be handcrafted if a majority of the time, energy and processes used in its creation are by hand". Since all systems use hand-held wands so it is just like filling your soaps with a "magical" pouring pitcher.
  • Quality Control: Our soap filling systems are proven winners that never make mistakes and perform when you need them most.
  • Superior Fast Heating: Heating element heats evenly and fast with its dielectric strength of over 2000 volts with internal stainless steel overbraid.
  • Complete Even Heating: With parallel circuit electric heating element with a conductive polymer core that prevents hot spots.
  • Superior Hose Interior: Smooth Bore PTFEŽ heated hose is protected with stainless steel overbraid and is 50% thicker than any competitors to provide faster flow with chemical, contamination and deterioration resistant.
  • Digital Temperature Controller: Is accurate, easy to read and use for precise heating from 0° to 212° F/ 100 ° C.
  • Ergonamic, Advanced Designs: Prevent injuries which lower health, reduced productivity, increase employee absenteeism and insurance costs.
  • Fast and Easy batch changes: virtually waste free self-cleaning mechanism.
  • 100% Electronic - no compressors.
  • Reliable, Long-Lasting, Battle-Tested: Professional Soap makers buy their Soap making equipment from SoapMelters because our Soap Filling Systems have been helping professional soap makers save time and money while increasing production in the most challenging and demanding situations. Our systems perform when you need them most.

SoapMelters is Proud To Offer 5 Levels of Professional Soap Filling Systems:

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EZFILL 800 Soap Filling System.
EZFILL 800 Soap Filling System
Usually Ships in 2 Days
Price: $2,495.00
In Stock

1 GPM=8' Heated System Pours 1 Gallon of Wax (3.7 Liters) Per Minute more info
EZ SOAP 1200 Soap Making System.
EZSOAP 2400 Soap Making System
Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Days
Price: $3,450.00
In Stock

Absolutely The Fastest Hand-Held Soap Filling System
Specially Designed Veritcal/Horizontal Ergonomic, Anti-fatigue Heated 12' System
more info



IMAGINE being able to double your soap production in less time, with less works, less waste and reduce back, shoulder, neck and hand aches and pains.

If you have employees, then you know labor costs are very high so being able to increase your production reduces the time and money spent on employee training, retaining and most of all, employees walking to and from the pouring table with full pouring pitchers. This old fashion way is expensive. Plus our systems reduce clean-up on overspills on jars! Plus, increasing productions opens the door for additional business.

Customers all over the world are using our soap dispensing systems and have increased their production and reduced waste dramatically, some as much as by 50% more production and 75% less waste.

Designed For The Soap Making Industry

All of our unique dispensing systems offer:

  1. Fast, controlled adjustable filling with no air bubbles or dripping- a steady rapid safe and controlled flow for oils, butters, soaps and waxes up to 212° F/ 100 ° C.
  2. Heated Pump, Hose and thermo handgun keep your solutions heated and fluid during filling.
  3. Smooth Bore TeflonŽ heated hose which is chemical, temperature and shock resistant, while being lightweight, flexible, non-contaminating, non-adhesive and moisture and deterioration resistant.
  4. Digital temperature controller is easy to read and use and features a liquid crystal display (LCD) to provide accurate, precise heating from -0° to 212° F/ 100 ° C, light-emitting diode (LED) to indicate On/Off status, easy fingertip-touchpad which has lockable feature and allows easy set up and adjustment of control setpoint, differential, and other functions, and is enclosed in high-impact resistant, thermoplastic NEMA 4X watertight, corrosion-resistant surface-mount enclosure.
  5. Simple and easy to set up and operate!
  6. Handheld thermoguns keep all your products hand poured and handmade with the speed, precision and efficiency of manufacturing.
  7. An easy and virtually waste free self-cleaning mechanism for quick color & scent changes.

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