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SoapMelters H2O Catalyst
 Transforms Your Water Into A Heat Transfer Fluid!

H2O Catalyst Water Jacket Melter Heat Transfer Fluid

H2O Catalyst is a specially formulated, premium propylene glycol solution for maximum heat transfer in your water jacket melter. 
Makes Soap Melting Faster & Easier!
Reduces Evaporation Up To 80%
More Energy Efficient Than Water Alone
Safe Odorless  No mixing required Non-Toxic 
Makes Your Water Jacket Melter Melt Soaps Faster
WaxMelters' H2O Catalyst is specially formulated for your water jacket melter to transform your water into a heat transfer fluid which heats better, faster, longer and with less evaporation.
Raises Boiling Point of Water to Prevent Evaporation
  • H2O Catalyst functions as an "anti-boil" colligative agent which actually raises the boiling point of water in your melting tank.
  • Makes Soap Melting Faster and Easier than ever before.

  • High Altitude Suitable!  By raising boiling point of water, H2O Catalyst makes working with a water jacket melters at high altitudes a breeze.  
Extends The Life Of Your Water Jacket Melters
WaxMelters' H2O Catalyst has a proprietary inhibitor system for use in most water jacket melters, melting tanks and double boilers which prevents corrosion, prevents the growth of bacteria and maximizes the life of your heating element.
Non-Hazardous in Most Applications
  • Non-Hazardous so No EPA Reports or Permits needed for use.  
  • Does not contaminate water and flushable to sewer and septic systems.
  • All ingredients are listed as generally regarded as safe (GRAS) per FDA/USDA guidelines.
  • All ingredients are on the FDA list for approved food additives.
H2O Catalyst Is Not Anti-Freeze
Do Not Use Anti-Freeze with Water Jacket Melters!
You should not be using anti-freeze in your melting tanks.  It is toxic, not environmentally safe and potentially dangerous to you and your workers.  Plus, it has special additives which while they work well in a car engine, are not designed to work with a melting tank and it's incoloy heating element.  

So Buy H2O Catalyst...
Transform Your Water Into A Heat Transfer Fluid Today!