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 The Fast & Easy Way to Filter Your Wax
The SNAP Wax Filter is WaxMelters' High-Grade Stainless Steel Melting Tank Filter That Easily SNAPS Inside The Interior 1" Opening of your Candle Wax Melting Tank To Filter Your Candle Wax and Keep Impurities, Debris and Particles From Being In Your Candles.
Stainless Steel Candle Wax Filter
100% High-Grade Stainless Steel Filter.
Conveniently Designed With An 11" Elongated Handle For Easy Removal and Use.
Precisely measured, uniform holes allow candle wax to flow through freely while filtering potential impurities.
Candle Wax Filter Filters Wax While In Melter Candle Wax Filter In Melter 
Easily fits into the 1" opening inside your PW wax melter.
Warm Wax Filter easily cleans with cloth Wax Filter Easily Cleaned With Heat Smart Stainless Steel Construction Makes It Easy To Clean When Warm Or With Simple Heating.
Save Time & Improve The Quality
Of Your Candles Today!